Enacting the Work of Language Instruction, Vol. 2

Enacting the Work of Language Instruction, Vol. 2

The goal of Enacting the Work of Language Instruction: High-Leverage Teaching Practices, Vol. 2 is to assist teachers in learning how to enact specific practices, referred to as high-leverage teaching practices, deemed essential to world language teaching and situated in theory and research.

This second volume continues the discussion of HLTPs begun in Volume 1 by deconstructing an additional four practices that are complex and often not visible through observation or brief explanation:

  • Establishing a Meaningful and Purposeful Context for Language Instruction
  • Planning for Instruction Using an Iterative Process for Backward Design
  • Engaging Learners in Purposeful Written Communication
  • Developing Contextualized Performance Assessments

Features of the book include deconstruction of each practice, activities for rehearsing the practices, rubrics for assessing performance, tools to assist teachers in enacting the practices, and discussion of how each practice relates to larger educational issues.

This volume explains how teachers can move from deconstructing the practices to enacting them, and ultimately to using greater creativity in adapting the practices.

Publication Date: 1/1/2017

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