Formative & Summative Assessments to Guide Language Learning
Formative & Summative Assessments to Guide Language Learning

Assessments are an integral tactic for every teacher's lesson and unit plans to gauge students' proficiency in all three modes of communication. While extremely valuable and rewarding, designing and adapting assessments for your individual lesson plans and your students' unique needs can be time-consuming. Which assessments should you use and how often? What data are we looking for? How do we design them? In this VLM, join 2012 ACTFL National Teacher of the Year, Yo Azama, to take a deep dive into the theory and practical application of assessment to guide your students' language learning. Helpful resources and thought-provoking discussion questions interspersed throughout each module make this virtual learning module a must-watch for new and veteran teachers alike.

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Presenter: Yo Azama, 2012 ACTFL National Teacher of the Year, currently teaches Japanese at North Salinas High School and World Language Teaching Method course at California State University, Monterey Bay. He is a team leader of the Monterey Bay World Language Project. Mr. Azama has 23 years of teaching experience from kindergarten to high school. He has conducted numerous presentations and seminars regionally, nationally, and internationally on various topics including; Social Issues Infused Lessons, Motivational Curriculum & Syllabus Design, Classroom Management, and Effective use of Technology in World Language Classroom. He has also served as a College Board Advisor for AP Japanese Language and Culture Development Committee. He has been the recipient of numerous awards such as the 2012 ACTFL Language Teacher of the Year, Outstanding Teacher of America Award by Carlston Family Foundation, the Robert J. Ludwig Distinguished Leadership Award, and Elgin Heinz Teaching Excellence Award just to name a few. Yo Azama's teaching has been featured in the Teaching Foreign Languages K-12 Video Library by WGBH Boston in 2003.

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