Exploring Multiliteracies in Language Teaching

Exploring Multiliteracies in Language Teaching

The Multiliteracies Framework explains how to utilize a broadened definition of "21st Century Literacy" into your classroom, from instruction to assessment. Take a deeper look at the expanded definition of literacy and how to focus language learning around developing a broadened literacy in all learners.


The courses in this module include:

  • How do I plan instruction and assessment using the multiliteracies framework?
  • What textual features can I target in instruction to develop students' literacy?
  • How can the grammar and vocabulary in texts be used to make form-meaning connections?
  • How is literacy development linked to interpersonal oral language use?
  • How does video-mediated listening contribute to students' abilities in interpretive communication?
  • How can the texts students read contribute to their presentational writing abilities?

Run Time: 160 minutes

Professional learning certificate available upon completion for 2.32 contact hours!


  • Beatrice Dupuy, Professor of French and Applied Linguistics at the University of Arizona.
  • Kate Paesani, Associate Professor and Director of Basic French courses at Wayne State University.
  • Heather Willis-Allen, Associate Professor in the department of French and Italian at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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