Developing Learners' Performance - Aiming Toward Proficiency

Developing Learners' Performance - Aiming Toward Proficiency

How does Performance point toward Proficiency? Instruction is always looking ahead to the targeted proficiency level, while supporting and developing learners’ performance through a controlled context. Presenters will provide an overview to the proficiency levels of Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Superior and will explore the implied instructional emphases that will help language learners move from one level to the next.


The courses in this module include:

  • Guiding Language Performance through Novice into Intermediate
  • Guiding Language Performance through Intermediate to Advance
  • Guiding Language Performance through Advanced to Superior

Run Time: 180 minutes

Professional learning certificate available upon completion for 3 contact hours!


  • Arnold Bleciher, ACTFL OPI trainer and national consultant specializing in Spanish, World Language Methodology, and Second Language Acquisition.
  • Stephanie Dhonau, Associate Professor of Second Languages and the coordinator of the Master of Arts in Second Languages Program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR).
  • Fernando Rubio, Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics and Co-Director of the Second Language Teaching and Research Center at the University of Utah.

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