Building Vocabulary

Building Vocabulary

Is it true that vocabulary is the key to learning language? Absolutely, it's essential! Students need to build vocabulary and develop strategies for learning vocabulary in order to be able to understand, write and speak about a topic. This Virtual Learning Module (VLM) will explore strategies for making vocabulary learning an intentional part of instruction.

Each part of the module will focus on a different aspect of vocabulary and participants are encouraged to reflect on the following focus questions:

  • What makes vocabulary so important?
  • How do we select vocabulary?
  • How do we understand and learn the meaning of new vocabulary?
  • How do we work with new vocabulary in meaningful ways?
  • How do we assess vocabulary?

By the end of the 5-part VLM, you will be able to:

  • Explain why vocabulary is critically important and why a strong vocabulary is critical for advancing proficiency
  • Identify strategies for selecting words that students will learn and apply those strategies for word selection to an authentic text
  • Create functional vocabulary lists and/or implement vocabulary note-taking organizers
  • Design activities in each mode of communication that focus on acquisition of new vocabulary
  • Assess vocabulary in context
  • Receive 2 full hours of professional development credit!
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