Purchase Order Policy

ACTFL Policy on Purchase Orders

ACTFL is happy to accept P.O.s from institutions for the following:

  • Event registrations (including workshops, trainings, and professional development)
  • Membership
  • Publication orders
  • Certification/Recertification

All P.O.s must be signed, and a copy of the P.O. must be emailed, mailed, or faxed to ACTFL for processing:

1001 N. Fairfax Street #200
Alexandria, VA 22314
E: headquarters@actfl.org
F: 703-894-2905

Email and fax are highly recommended as the preferred delivery processes. We require a copy of the P.O. in-hands to process, we are unable to accept verbal P.O.s over the phone.

All event P.O.s must include a copy of the registration form with the P.O., please remit to the email address on the registration form.

All certifications/recertifications must include a copy of the certification form with the P.O.

Membership P.O.s must include either a membership invoice (available to current members), or a completed new member application form.

Publication order P.O.s must include the billing and shipping addresses (if different). If the recipient wishes to utilize their own shipping account, please include the shipping account number and shipping speed desired on the P.O. We are unable to fulfill publication orders to P.O. boxes, please provide a street address.

All P.O.s must include a valid billing address and email address to receive the invoice.

P.O.s without the above accompanying documentation or information may result in a delay in processing the P.O.

Payments for P.O.s must be remitted in-full within 30-days of invoice. ACTFL reserves the right to cancel an order, event registration, certification, or membership after the 30-days, and reserves the right to refuse acceptance of future P.O.s. ACTFL is unable to process new P.O.s until all outstanding balances have been paid in-full.

Need another copy of the invoice? Please email headquarters@actfl.org  to receive a PDF invoice.